When Imagination Fails

Science fiction has long been looked to as a source of prophecy...but why? Perhaps because, out of necessity, its futures work: spaceships fly and inventions are successful because they need to be—there'd be no story without them. And because more often than not (to paraphrase Jules Verne) whatever one man can imagine… » 1/15/15 11:16am 1/15/15 11:16am

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About twenty years ago I came up with a bright idea for a book. It was going to be visual chronology of every spaceship ever conceived, starting in the third century BC. This eventually wound up being a monster called The Dream Machines (Krieger: 1993), with 250,000 words and more than 3000 illustrations. In the… » 3/11/13 9:00am 3/11/13 9:00am