Sadly, as reprehensible as I find the cover art, using Poser/Daz to illustrate its problems is a serious mistake. These programs are not themselves very accurate anatomically and—as the Redditor poster proves—they break down completely when even a moderately extreme pose is attempted...let alone one as extreme as the… » 9/01/14 6:27am Yesterday 6:27am

I'm afraid that's exactly the same conclusion I came to after reading the entire piece. What's particularly sad is that I hear from scores of hopeful authors who bypass the route of traditional publishers, citing the "success" of authors such as Traviss...never realizing the immensely special circumstances of her… » 8/28/14 6:45pm Thursday 6:45pm

My wife and I attended an exhibition of medieval torture instruments in Rome. It was held in Renaissance-era palace and was mostly in open-air courtyards...and it was at night, so the whole thing had a pretty discomforting ambiance. What made it even more fun was that David Cronenberg was with us. After a short while,… » 8/26/14 9:51am 8/26/14 9:51am

I wish this were some sort of revelation, but the truth is that the evidence of the dust plumes was something pointed out at least as long ago as 1981, when Bill Kaysling published his pseudoscience classic, We Never Went to the Moon. The plumes were among the many things experts pointed to as countering Kaysling's… » 8/23/14 5:39pm 8/23/14 5:39pm

Unfortunately, the "brief history" went for the obvious and missed a number of earlier precedents. Among the most important of these was "The Future Eve," a novel by Villiers de L'isle-Adam. Originally published in 1886, it was one of the first detailed descriptions of a mechanical human being, especially one endowed… » 8/16/14 3:04am 8/16/14 3:04am